Christian Müller, Maître d`Hôtel and for over 10 years in the Hotel Lenkerhof, is an institution and professional in his fields.
He started as a commis de rang and within a short period of time he managed to get the position of the Maître d`Hôtel. Since 2006 he is doing that with all of his heart.
What keeps him going? „Satisfied and smiling guests and the certainty that i can make them a night to remember.“ Almost unique is his memory of names and preferences of our guests. With this gift he can anticipate all their wishes. Of course the atmosphere among his team is very important to him. With his open minded and easy going personality he brings out the best in everybody and makes them laugh at the same time. Almost nothing tests his patience these days. „and if so, I can always rely on the advice from my collegues and managers. This calmes me down.“