Current Situation

How we arrange your stay, with all available information.

Dear guests - in order to be able to pamper you to the best of our knowledge and conscience despite the pandemic, you will find current, important details about your stay on this page. We kindly ask you to take note of them. Thank you very much.

Some of our offers and information can only be viewed via QR code (e.g. menus, newspapers & guest information), we recommend installing a QR reader on your mobile phone if not available.


Requirements for Entering Switzerland

FAQ Corona situation in Switzerland


Last update:  April 2nd, 2022

Our offer for hotel guests includes - with a few exceptions - once again the entire Lenkerhof added value!
Currently not available

Culinary delights

Our daily wine tasting in the wine cellar cannot take place at this time.

Reception/ Guest Services

We are currently dispensing with the tour of the house, which is normally part of your check-in ritual. You will receive all necessary information directly at the front desk.