Spa Etiquette

Booking & advice

We are happy to assist you in choosing from our wide range of offers. With pleasure we will help you to choose the treatment that suits your wishes and needs. Please also let us know your allergies, relevant medical history and your feel-good factors. Please book your treatments from home as early as possible to allow us to schedule them according to your wishes. Please also let us know about your massage preference (e.g. masseur or masseuse).

Furthermore, note that the indicated massage time includes preparation and follow-up and thus corresponds to the gross time. 


We would like to mention that you can cancel your appointments free of charge up to 24 hours before the start. In case you do not show up for your appointments or cancel them too late, they will be fully charged. If you arrive late for a treatment, you will have less time to "pamper yourself". You will be charged for the entire treatment.

Arrival / departure day

On the day of arrival, the entire wellness area is available to you from 9:00 am.

On the day of departure, the entire spa area is available for free use until 3:00 pm. We kindly ask you to take your bathrobe with you from your room - you are welcome to use the spa basket in your room for this purpose. Cloakroom lockers are available free of charge.


Please be considerate of other guests and behave quietly in our spa. Especially in our relaxation room, it is important to us that a relaxed atmosphere prevails. We thank you for your understanding. The entire spa is a non-smoking area.

Use of mobile devices

We ask you to be considerate of other guests and keep usage of your mobile devices to a minimum. We are grateful that you set your device to silent, refrain from making phone calls, consume media only with headphones and do not take any photos altogether. Thank you.


The bathing area is open for children (under 12 years) from 07:30 am to 5:30 pm! Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the sauna area. Thank you very much for your consideration!

Access to the textile sauna area is permitted for children from 12 years up to 16 years accompanied by an adult. The nude area in the sauna landscape is permitted from the age of 16.

Dear parents, please note that your children have no access to the entire wellness area outside the indicated hours.


You are allowed to wear burkinis made of synthetic fabrics that have been specially designed for swimming purposes. No other clothing may be worn, not even under the burkini!

Health & pregnancy

Please inform us already when you make your booking about your pregnancy, recent operations and any health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, allergies, and so on. We are also happy to offer you a pregnancy massage after individual consultation.

Pre- and postprocessing

Please arrive at the spa reception in your bathrobe 5 minutes before the start of your treatment or 10 minutes if you still need to change. For facial treatments, please come without make-up and gentlemen should be shaved if possible. If you have booked a treatment with peeling, please do not shave, wax or depilate beforehand, as the peeling can otherwise be very painful and cause unnecessary irritation.

After multiple treatments, we recommend a voluntary rest in our resting area or on our sandor bed (CHF 25.- extra charge) to intensify the effect. Please allow some time for this.

Massage intensity

Massages with a given intensity from gentle to classic to strong are marked with a bicep emoji. Massages without this marking can be adapted according to your needs. Please express your needs regarding the intensity during the preliminary talk with the therapist. 

Combination of several treatments

You are very welcome to combine several treatments for an all-round wellness experience. We are happy to advise you. In general, we recommend that you stay within one product line (like Pevonia or St Barth), as the treatments and products used within a line are optimally coordinated. Our recommended order of treatment is to start with a peeling, then a massage for the muscles and finally to choose a treatment such as a body wrap. Independent and at any time you can add facial treatments and manicure and pedicure (without polishes) to this recommended order. We suggest make-up or hairdressing treatments at the end.

Let us advise you for an optimal relaxation experience. We will gladly put together the ideal spa package for you and are looking forward to welcoming you.