The friendliness and openness of our staff, both towards our guests and towards each other, are equated with professional knowledge. Each of our employees is a respected personality. Together they form a homogeneous team that plays a decisive role in the success of the Lenkerhof.

Each employee undergoes a structured training programme in his or her department. In addition to specific expertise, entrepreneurial thinking and the development of one's own personality and strengths are a central part of this. Through independent work, the employee is challenged, but not overburdened.

At their own request, they can gain experience in other departments as part of a job rotation and to better understand interrelationships.


In an atmosphere of attention and natural warmth, we offer our guests indulgence and relaxation. We anticipate their wishes and surprise them with unconventional ideas.

Mission statement

We focus on the highest quality in all our services and products

One of our main goals is to offer our guests high quality products and services that fully meet their needs. We want to put ourselves in the shoes of our guests to feel their expectations. Our services and offers should be sophisticated, innovative and relaxed. Guests can feel comfortable in a climate of attention and friendliness.



With heart to success

A satisfied, smiling and happy guest! This is what we all strive for together. Enjoyment as if at a friend's house, relaxation in a peaceful atmosphere as well as fulfilled wishes and exceeded expectations – those are our goals for our guest experience. To this end, the following code of conduct applies:


Organization chart

Beekeeper - communication with employees

At the Lenkerhof, we communicate through Beekeeper - a mobile platform for the entire workforce. The tool allows us to communicate better, coordinate faster and reach more employees. Work schedules, sales figures, feedback and important information are shared in real time on Beekeeper.

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