With heart to success

A satisfied, smiling and happy guest! This is what we all strive for together. Enjoyment as if at a friend's house, relaxation in a peaceful atmosphere as well as fulfilled wishes and exceeded expectations – those are our goals for our guest experience. To this end, the following code of conduct applies:

1          I am motivated and give my best

I let the guest and colleagues feel that I am proud to be a Lenkerhof employee and go about my work with personal commitment and passion. My enthusiasm and warmth is contagious and has an infectious effect on those around me.

2          I know and realize the goals

I know and regularly review my personal goals as well as those of my department and the company as a whole and continuously strive to achieve and exceed them. I know when and how I can contribute constructively.

3          I work professionally and constantly improve myself

I perform my duties efficiently, responsibly and diligently.  "He who stops getting better, stops being good". Therefore, I actively participate in internal and external trainings and pass on the knowledge gained to our employees. My Redbox entry is today's idea and tomorrow's success!

        I know all the services and recommend hotel products

The right information such as a recommendation about our restaurants, correct opening hours or the range of services offered in the house are a matter of course for me. Only if I know my product and live my work, I can inspire the guests.

5          I am flexible and make the impossible possible

Even if guests asks for the impossible, I take them seriously and respond to their wishes. I behave in a problem-solving and flexible manner. I never say no and always offer an alternative. I win the guests over to become a fan of the Lenkerhof.

       I treat every guest as a VIP and anticipate their wishes

I am a heartfelt host! I convey familiarity and security to the guests and the feeling that they are always welcome and we are happy about their visit. I contribute to a relaxed and enjoyable stay, so that they come back again.

7          I welcome and farewell the guest

The first and last impression is especially important. I welcome the guests in a warm, personal manner and say goodbye with individual words, a genuine smile, open and positive body language and thank them.

8          I am friendly and call the guest by name

That's the Lenkerhof - a family atmosphere and I address every guest by name, sometimes a little conversation ensues. And of course I maintain eye contact.

        Every smile counts

A smile goes a long way and puts both guests and colleagues in a pleasant mood, even if I sometimes do not feel like it. By the way: one can also hear when I smile on the phone.

10       I accompany the guest to his destination

If guests don’t know their way, I accompany them to their destination, or at least walk with them for a bit, instead of just pointing the general direction.

11       I answer phone calls correctly

After ringing no more than three times, I answer with Lenkerhof gourmet spa resort/ Bergrestaurant Bühlberg (external call) or my department (if internal call from hotel room or other department), my name and greet the guest/colleague and ask how I can be of assistance. I state the guest's name (at least 3 times in the course of the conversation) and speak with a smile. I repeat his wishes and, if necessary, indicate the approximate waiting time.

12       I care for details and the personal touch

Vacations at the Lenkerhof should be cheerful and happy. I notice the habits and preferences of the guests and fulfill their wishes before they are expressed. I take care of the detail in front of and behind the scenes and promote the personal touch of our house. We pamper our guests!

13      I take my time for the guests and do not show any signs of hecticness

I give the guests the feeling that I am there just for them. I let them feel that they themselves and their concerns are important to me. The smile is always on my lips, even if I am stressed by much work! I remain calm, keep walking at a slow pace and never raise my voice.

14       I use complaints as an opportunity

In order not to lose the guests, I give everything and show them that they have made the right choice in placing their complaint with me. I take them seriously, listen to them attentively, put myself in their position, respond to them, express my regret for the situation and apologize if a mistake has indeed been made. I take responsibility and act if necessary. I avoid any negative attitude and confrontation and try to change the negative mood into a positive one and to satisfy the guest. If necessary, I involve the supervisor or Duty Manager and note any complaint. I ensure a follow-up (by myself or the supervisor) so that the problem has been resolved to the guest's satisfaction.

15       As Lenkerhof ambassador, I behave loyally and discreetly

I am always aware that I am an ambassador of the Lenkerhof to the guests and the public. In front of guests, colleagues and outside of work, I only ever speak positively about the Lenkerhof. Internal matters remain internal matters. We are discreet.

16       I pay attention to a well-groomed appearance and my expression

A well-groomed appearance, good manners and personal hygiene is required to leave a competent, lasting impression. I ensure that my clothing complies with the Lenkerhof staff regulations and avoid the use of slang and hotel-specific terms.

17       I take care of equipment and facilitiesg

I help to ensure that the Lenkerhof is kept in excellent condition both in front of and behind the scenes. I report any defects immediately, use the available resources carefully and sparingly, and act in an environmentally conscious manner.

18       I practice teamwork and ensure a good working atmosphere

I encourage and require cooperation and communication, pass on information, greet my colleagues and treat everyone with respect. I am helpful, practice tolerance and show consideration for others.

19      I share responsibility for the implementation of the Lenkerhof Code by all of us

I actively implement the Lenkerhof Codex and offer my colleagues help in this regard if needed. I consider the 4Rs of our communication concept (right information, right time, right person, right tone). I thank my colleagues who support me in this point themselves.