Mission statement

  • We focus on the highest quality in all our services and products

One of our main goals is to offer our guests high quality products and services that fully meet their needs. We want to put ourselves in the shoes of our guests to feel their expectations. Our services and offers should be sophisticated, innovative and relaxed. Guests can feel comfortable in a climate of attention and friendliness.

  • We are accurate and true in the way we communicate

In brochures, advertising and other internal and external forms of communication, we are true and careful in everything we say and write. This is to contribute to transparency, trust, a good working atmosphere and good relations with the media and authorities.

  • We respect the competence and experience of our employees and seek to get the best possible benefit from it

We listen to employees with expertise, experience and wisdom. We encourage them through further training, among other things, because they are role models for others and are suited to taking on responsibility and leadership.

  • We decide and communicate where we want to go

Our hotel has a clearly defined strategy and each employee knows exactly and in written form what is expected of him. This gives them security and fulfillment in their work and personality.

  • We respect the rights and dignity of the individual, as well as those of the company

As management, we want to deal in a fair and honest manner with employees, guests and business partners. We want to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. We hire employees based on our needs and their competence and clearly define our expectations. In contrast, employees are expected to perform their duties with diligence and honesty. They will not do anything that could cause a conflict of interest with the objectives of their own job, those of the hotel, guests or suppliers, or otherwise harm the hotel operation. In a spirit of teamwork, each employee shall safeguard not only his or her own interests but also those of the hotel operation.

  • We take care in the use of resources

Each employee is responsible for careful management of material and intellectual property as well as funds and other assets entrusted to him or her. Nothing belonging to the hotel may be used for personal gain or enrichment. The hotel and its employees protect the environment by complying with the relevant laws and the eco-concept.

  • We serve honesty and truth in our internal and external relations

As a company and as individuals, we strive for a reputation of integrity. We do not give or accept gifts from employees, guests or partners that should not be disclosed to the public. We report correctly to the state authorities. We do not want to distinguish ourselves from our competitors through derogatory statements, but through our own quality and competence.

  • Ethical values

We refrain from offering or promoting esotericism, religiously motivated far-east practices, paramedicine as well as from offering erotic films.