Success stories at the Lenkerhof

Audrey Berlioz

Audrey started her career as an all-rounder in housekeeping. It was soon clear that there was a lot of potential in this young, polite and dynamic woman! So Audrey wanted to try her hand at service, and after a few months she moved to our restaurant as a Commis de Rang. Nine months later, we were delighted to promote her to hostess in the restaurant "Oh de Vie". Currently, her focus is on expanding the languages. What a power woman, merci!


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Christian Burkhard

Christian joined the Lenkerhof in 2018 as Event Manger. In 2019, he graduated from the Hotel Management School Lucerne and came back directly afterwards as Project & Event Manager, a position created especially for him. In 2020, he began his postgraduate studies to become a certified hotel manager NDS HF, which was financed by the Lenkerhof. After a short Lenkerhof break, he came back in June 2022 and has been in charge of the HR department ever since. Thank you for coming back!

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Frédéric Meyer

Frédéric Meyer started as Assistant Front Desk Manager in 2016. In 2018, he was promoted to Front Desk Manager. During his employment, Frédéric has continued to develop and was promoted to Rooms Division Manager in 2020. At the same time, he completed his postgraduate studies to become a hotel manager. Frédéric has been our Vice Director since April 2022. Thank you for your great commitment!

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